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Welcome to the Ice Cellar.

We live in a world where humanity has learned how to weave the matter that makes up everything in our universe. For hundreds of years humans have used giant weaving mills to create food, clothes, instruments, engines and fuel. Not only that, humans have learned how to weave living beings; and for centuries people weren't born, they wove each other. No person alive today remembers hunger, war, armies, weapons, money, dependence, back-breaking labor, and nobody even remembers if these things ever existed in human history. For as long as anyone can recall, people have lived in huge and complex cities built around weaving mills; and each city had a "caretaker" that walked among humans - an enormous being several stories tall with a human-like figure and a blurred appearance.

About seventy years ago this age came to an end, and the mills have almost stopped. At about the same time the northernmost city of our world - Leda - has experienced a disaster, the Collapse. The city sank to the bottom of a great pit and all connection to the outside world was severed. The hundreds of thousands of people who lived there began calling their city "the Ice Cellar". They had a lot of work ahead of them - rebuilding the city, adapting to the new conditions, making the old territory of Leda their home once more. The rhythm of life has changed completely. Today the mills in the Ice Cellar only work for a few months every year, they are started every autumn, and this has made all other activities in the Cellar seasonal as well. This and a thousand other things are slowly changing the inhabitants of this place. Today, seventy years after the Collapse, the consequences of those changes have yet to be fully realized. Something new is brewing. It is in this place and at this time that our story begins.

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